FLOOR-EVER        - "Can Bring Your Carpets Back To Life" !!!
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The Floor-Ever Deep Cleaning Process
5 times cleaner than just a wand !!!

This process is factory recommended for heavily soiled carpets,
and a much more through cleaning and restoration type service. 
This top to bottom and side to side true deep down cleaning can
bring your carpets "back to life" literally ... and replace the
factory recommended chemicals the carpet fibers need.

The Floor-Ever Deep Clean can save you thousands 
of dollars in new carpet replacement costs.

If your moving in or moving out and the padding is
still in good shape, this process can remove years
of ground in dirt especially if you have kids or pets.

Or, if you just need a touch-up, we can do that too...
it's also a good time to restreach the carpets
and minor repairs.

Kids and pets are our best customers, and we work around your busy time frame. Sometimes it
might be better to split a whole house in 2 days
instead of 1 day depending on time frames....

Remember this process takes longer than your
average carpet cleaning and dry times vary
from 3-24 hours depending on soilage and
humidity, and fiber type  like shag or berber.

 The True Deep Clean Starts at $50 for the 1st.room
and each additional room starts $25-$35
all prices include prespray-deodorizer and  stain guard.
                                              (average size and condition)
"Don't Wait FLOOR-EVER"            
(734) 748-9093           
                                              Serving Novi and Metro Areas
"FLOOR-EVER"  Can Bring Your Carpets "Back To Life"                

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